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1 Dhanalakshmi now uses SANS SMART HRMS to manage their NBSP
2 Kerala Vision - kerala's cable TV network company having several offices across Kerala now manages their employees using SANS Smart HRMS
3 Centreal Bazaar - A supermarket chain in kerala with more than 100 staffs now manages their employees using SANS Smart HRMS
4 Moreish Foods, Eastern India's largest bread manufacturing company uses SANS SMART HRMS to manage their 500+ Staffs
5 Maxvalue Consulting Services a company with more than 500 employees started managing their employees using SANS SMART HRMS

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Santhosh Thomas

We are excited and happy to see our clients growing across India and around the world. Our goal is to become a major player in Human Resource Management Softwares in India. We make sure our clients have sustainable business growth after using our software. Our Smart Softwares like SANS SMART HRMS, SANS SMART SUPPORT..etc are developed with years of research. We interact with the best managers all around India and around the world and give them the best solutions. Our softwares have all the tools you need and you can customize them to suit your business model. Once implemented the software will help the company to push them towards the growth tragectory. We have several testimonials from our clients and we have a unique track record of 100% satisfied clients in 11 years.