CEO's Message

Santhosh Thomas

It was 2008, and I was working as CEO for a British company when Recession hit the world, Global Economy slowed down rapidly and companies where desperately trying to cut down cost. Almost all companies were cutting down their employees.

Employees who hold critical positions when they left created huge problems and others had no idea how to handle that. Issues were growing, Customers were affected, and in effect they stopped paying, and in effect 1000nds of companies closed down.

I understood one thing very clearly back then that recession is not just the reason that all these companies had to stop their operations, The real culprit is lack of proper systems. I started researching on How to manage employees more efficiently , how to bring in transparency, avoid red tapes etc. In 2012 our first prototype was ready and I started SANS. Our first prototype was named SANS SMART HRMS. It was designed to manage human resources efficiently. We gave the product to few clients and all of them liked it and there after we upgraded our software with our client's inputs and our own research data. More and more clients wanted to implement our system as our customers recommended our software to many other companies. We continued our research and developement ever since on this subject and we are pioneers in this area now. And am proud to say that now our HRMS is one of the best HRMS in India and being used by many companies across India and we are also consultants to many companies outside India too and every Testimony that they give motivate us to do it better and better.

Another area we researched on was how to make sure Customers get the best support from companies with minimum human intervention. This is a problem I faced in 2008, and I wanted to address that. Team SANS built a fantastic product for Customer Support called SANS SMART SUPPORT. This is developed to make Customer Support easier, Customer should be able to get answers to their questions from the data we store, We helped companies build such systems using our platform, and made sure all Customer problems are addressed with very less human interaction. Also when support engineers get involved, our system make sure the problem is addressed timely and efficiently .Several Companies used our system and 80% of their customer complaints got solved.

We also made Ecommerce Platforms which are totally different from the very normal wordpress platforms. Our ecommerce product is named .SANS Smart Eshop which can be customized to any extend and scalable to any extend. SANS Smart Eshop is now helping several businesses who wanted unique Ecommerce solutions to go online and get Sales without direct sales force. We have clients who are able to generate monthly sales of over 1 million using our unique Ecommerce product.

Now am pretty sure even if another recession happens in future, My clients will have only very less impact, as we made sure they all manage their business in the smartest way. It was my dream, and now I see that as a reality during the Covid Crisis and Economic slow down in 2020-2021 .None of our clients were impacted and they managed so well throgh the crisis. Our goal is to see more businesses prosper all around the world, and we will play our part with all the smart softwares we provide. My promise to make businesses prosper paid back and today we have a record of having 100% satisfied clients in 10 years. Call us and place your order today and we will be at your service.