CEO's Message

Santhosh Thomas

It was 2008, and I was working as CEO for a British company when Recession hit the world, Global Economy slowed down rapidly and companies where desperately trying to cut down on cost. Almost all companies were even cutting down their employees.

Employees who hold critical positions when they left created huge problems and others had no idea how to handle that. Issues were growing, Customers were affected, and in effect they stopped paying, and in effect I saw 1000nds of companies closed down.

I understood one thing very clearly that its not just due to recession that all these companies had to stop their operations, I was also due to no proper systems. I started researching on how to bring in systems to avoid Customer Support, How to manage employees more efficiently and replace them without affecting any work etc and back in 2012 I started SANS. I delivered my first prototype of SANS SMART HRMS to few clients and kept on implementing more and more systems until I see all of them prosper. We made Human Resource Management an Easy affair with our SANS SMART HRMS.

Our next product SANS SMART SUPPORT made Customer Support easier, It was able to answer users questions without any help from Support Engineers, We helped companies build such systems using our platform, and made sure all Customer problems are addressed with very less human interaction.

We made several other products and services from then on .SANS Smart Eshop is now helping several businesses go online and get Sales without direct sales force. They are able to get monthly sales of over 1 million per month through such a sales channel.

Now am pretty sure even if another recession, My clients will never be affected in the way it happened in 2008. It is my dream to see businesses prosper all around the world, which will bring in smiles across. My promise of helping businesses prosper paid back and today we have a record of having 100% satisfied clients in 8 years. You can read through our testimonials and that is the only marketing that we do. Thank you for your time.