We at SANS are focussing on developing products for various corporate customer needs. We dedicate most of our time on innovations and our products are always evolving and are very usefull for our customers. Our products are always simple and easy to use. We have currently four products in the market.


Our Web Task management system is a complete employee management ERP tool. Once taskman is implemented in your company, all staff gets a uniform web login, where they record all their works, checkin and checkout so that management knows whether an employee is in and what task he is doing. Also management need not ask employees to send reports as the system will generate it for you for any period , for any employee. And the software have many other cool features which makes SANS TASKMAN a unique software which helps increase productivity as well as makes your office green by cutting down the use of papers. For demo contact [email protected]


SANS Business Profile is for business men to start a website easely and fast. We provide custom design for each Business Websites. Once the design is approved and finalized the implementation can be done very fast. This product is used by several business men across the globe to make their websites.


Our new Ecommerce product for selling any product online. SAN Cart is again used by several businesses across the globe for selling items. We also provide customizations as per client requirements, and unlike other Ecommerce platforms our product is highly customizable and anything the customer wants we can do the changes using the product.


Our Web Medical software used by Companies reselling medicines. This helps them track all there sales and inventory and also do purchase invoice and sales invoice even when they are travelling. Also we are on the research and developement of more products. We will release them once they are tested properly.